Fresh Cat Food
Fresh Cat Food

Fresh Cat Food

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We offer bulk discounts for subscribers based on order size. In the above section, select your kitty's favorite recipes with corresponding quantities, add them to your cart and use the following codes at checkout to save on your subscription order. 

  • Enter "subscribe5" for orders over 5 lbs ($40) and save 5%
  • Enter "subscribe10" for orders over 10 lbs ($80) to save 10%
  • Enter "subscribe20" for orders over 20 lbs ($160) to save 15%
  • Enter "subscribe30" for orders over 30 lbs ($240) to save 20%
  • Enter "subscribe40" for orders over 40 lbs ($320) to save 25%
  • Enter "subscribe50" for orders over 50 lbs ($400) to save 30%


    Pick-up Locations:

    1. Ember & Greens, our family's restaurant, open daily from 11AM - 9PM
    2. Urban Harvest Farmers Market open Saturdays from 8am - 12pm located at 2752 Buffalo Speedway
    3. Memorial Villages Farmers Market open Saturdays from 9am - 1pm located at 10840 Beinhorn Drive 


    There is a $38 minimum order for deliveries. We offer free delivery on orders over $100. Orders under $100 will be charged an $8 delivery fee.

    For both one-time orders and subscription orders, we deliver every Tuesday (and only on Tuesdays) by the end of the day inside 610 loop or to the villages with exceptions to locations close to those areas.


    Lola & Baxter currently offers one recipe for cats: Chicken Breast

    Our recipe consists 80% of chicken breast and 20% sardines, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes and a proprietary blend of high quality human-grade vitamins. Both meats and vegetables come from USDA-certified sources, and the meats we use are antibiotic-free and hormone-free. Our food is made fresh, then frozen before we deliver it to you to ensure we never have to use preservatives.

    Our food is sold by the pound in one pound containers.