Meet Our Family



Meet Nadereh (aka Mom). When it comes to feeding her humans and animals, Nadereh does not mess around. As the creator of all Lola & Baxter recipes, Nadereh has spent more than two decades honing in on the perfect medley of vegetables and proteins. Her recipes are fit for all her children, but specifically formulated for the furry ones. Nadereh's years of research and testing have resulted in a product that is transforming the health of the beloved animals under our care.



Iman is the visionary behind Lola & Baxter brand and concept. He was still working as a business consultant at a Fortune 500 firm when Mom shared that the vet wanted to carry Lola & Baxter recipes. Putting his analytical skills to use, he began extensive research on the dog food industry. It wasn't long before he realized the market was saturated with foods and brands that were intentionally misleading to put it nicely. Iman is on a mission to deliver Mom's healing recipes with a customer service experience that is, bar none, the absolute best.

Dr. Susan Lauten


Dr. Lauten is the scientific mind supporting Lola & Baxter's mission of keeping animals healthy through nutrition. With a Master’s degree in Agriculture (in animal nutrition) and a PhD in the biomedical sciences, both from Auburn University, animal research has been the focus of all of her research. Dr. Lauten has extensive expertise in animal nutrition, having completed a post doctoral fellowship at the University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine, working with her mentors, Dr. Joe Bartges and Dr. Claudia Kirk, both renowned nutritionists and internists. She is a member of the American Association of Veterinary Nutritionists and serves as a reviewer, advisor, and board member for various animal-centric organizations.