Fresh Dog Food

Fresh Dog Food

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Each recipe consists 50% of an animal-based protein and 50% a blend of quinoa, sweet potatoes, celery, green beans, collard greens, squash, spinach, ground egg shell, and a proprietary blend of high quality human-grade vitamins. Both meats and vegetables come from USDA-certified sources, and the meats we use are antibiotic-free and hormone-free. Our food is made fresh, then frozen before we deliver it to you to ensure we never have to use preservatives.

Our food is sold by the pound in one pound containers. 


We offer bulk discounts for subscribers based on order size. To sign up for a subscription:

  1. For each product you want in your order, select your pup's favorite recipes with corresponding quantities 
  2. Also for each product you want in your order, select "Subscribe & Save", choose how often you want the product in your subscription and add the product to your cart (make sure you choose the right frequency for every product you add)
  3. Lastly, use the following codes at checkout to save on your subscription order:
5 lbs (or $40) 5%
10 lbs (or $80) 10% "subscribe10"
20 lbs (or $160) 15%
30 lbs (or $240) 20%
40 lbs (or $320) 25%
50 lbs (or $400) 30%